CDF Projects

St Paul's Classrooms

Consistent enrolment pressure at St Paul’s High School, Booragul provided the opportunity for a Capital Project to replace a number of demountable classrooms with permanent buildings. The concept design was to create a central double storey building that divided the large sloping courtyard area as well as provide a central lift to access all levels of the new and existing buildings on the site. The Commonwealth Grant for this project was $2.7m with an equal amount funded through a CDF loan and serviced by the DSBF.


A further stage of development is planned for commencement in 2016 where a new administration and classroom block will provide a more deliberate sense of entry to the school.

St Aloysius Primary School

St Aloysius Primary School, Chisholm opened in January 2015 and immediately attracted close to 200 students with greater numbers enrolling for 2016. The first stage of this new 630 student primary school provides flexible and contemporary learning space with an eclectic range of furniture to suit a varied range of student learning styles. The sculptured and landscaped grounds provide interesting outdoor learning opportunities and encourage student engagement in our tactile and natural world.


The playground equipment installed is varied yet simple, and encourages creative play. The second stage of development will commence construction in 2016 and the total cost of the school on completion of the third stage, will be in the order of $15m of which at least $8m will be funded through a CDF loan and serviced through the DSBF.

St Joseph's High School Classrooms and Learning Facilities

St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen opened its doors in 2014 to some impressive new classrooms and music facilities as well as a centrally located library and learning centre.


The $7m project was successful in attracting a Commonwealth Grant of $3.5m with the balance of funding provided through a CDF loan serviced by the Diocesan Schools Building Fund. The project has transformed the main courtyard of the school, and the large shaded verandah of the Library, with magnificent views over the Hunter River, provides students with an inspiring outdoor learning space.

All Saints College Library and Classrooms

The enrolments at All Saints College, St Joseph’s Campus, Lochinvar have been growing steadily over the past several years, and with limited space and many school facilities operating out of demountable classrooms two capital funding applications were submitted over consecutive years and both were successful.


The capital grant funding received, provided capacity to construct a new large building which accommodates a new library and classrooms and provides a new front door to the school with associated administration and staff facilities. A purpose designed Trade Training  and Technology Learning Centre were also constructed which provides contemporary and practical learning space. The overall project cost was in the order of $10.1m with around $5.1m in grant funding and the balance supported through a DSBF serviced loan from the CDF.

St Mary's Maitland Buildings

St Mary’s High School, Maitland senior campus has seen some significant redevelopment over the last decade. Several demountable classrooms were replaced with new buildings as a result of a Commonwealth grant in 2005. The funding provided for a new Technical and Applied Studies (TAS) block, science laboratories, art room and general classrooms as well as pupil amenities and a series of linking walkways between the buildings.


The heritage listed buildings on the site constrained the design of the new facilities to ensure they complement the existing buildings. More recent capital development on the site has included a lift to link the upper levels of the main building which was primarily funded through the Diocesan Family & School Building Levy, and in 2011 some further Commonwealth funding through the Trade Training Centre program to construct a new hospitality teaching facility due for completion in early 2013.

San Clemente Mayfield Buildings

San Clemente High School in Mayfield was the recipient of two separate stages of Commonwealth grant funding in 2006 and 2008 respectively. It was a growing school with several demountable classrooms and ageing buildings and was in desperate need of substantial redevelopment. The two stages of capital funding were invaluable in delivering a complete transformation of the school’s built environment.


The new purpose-designed facilities reflect a visual reference to the main heritage listed building on the site and include a new library, art rooms, general classrooms and music precinct. The heritage building was also expertly refurbished in keeping with the original architecture of the era and some further Trade Training Centre funding in 2011 provided a purpose designed hospitality space within another of the original buildings.

Funds for CatholicCare

Any surplus raised by the Catholic Development Fund is put back into the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in order to continue the many pastoral and social works of the Church.


One important agency that benefits from these contributions is CatholicCare - a mission and outreach agency of the diocese that provides a range of social services including child and family services, youth and community services, youth crisis accommodation, disability services, counselling, mental health support, adoption and foster care (Out-of-home Care).