Interest Rates

The CDF offers members, both individual and church/school clients, competitive rates of interest on their savings and investment accounts. Combined with the rare benefit of having no fees or charges on any account, the interest rates offered by the Fund add up to significant savings for you.


Please read our Disclosure Statement before investing.


Rates correct as at 4 September 2017


Term Investments

The CDF aims to provide competitive rates of interest to all our investors with no fees or charges.


Term Rate
3 months 2.30% pa
6 months 2.40% pa
12 months 2.50% pa


Interest is fixed for the full term and paid at maturity


Monthly Interest Term Investment


Term Rate
12 months 2.40%


Interest is paid monthly by cheque, electronically to your bank, building society or credit union or to your CDF at-call account.


Premium Saver Account

$0.00 - $5000 1.00% pa
$5000.00 & Over 1.50% pa *
* This rate will be paid on the entire balance


Interest is paid quarterly.


Christmas Club Account


You receive 1% pa on your Christmas savings - an excellent rate. 
Interest is paid on 31st October.


Pensioner Club Account

On balance up to $48,000 1.5% pa
On balance over $48,000 2.5% pa


Interest is paid on 30th June and 31st December.


Student and Savings Accounts

On part of balance between $1 - $10,000 0.50% pa
On part of balance $10,000 and over 1.00% pa


Interest for these accounts is credited on 30th June and 31st December annually.


Interest on all accounts is calculated on the daily balance and all rates are subject to change without notice.