Internet & Phone Access

Access your account Online

CDF Online is an internet enquiry system available for both individuals and church organisations. Only you may access your information using a login code, password and a scrambled pin pad for your birth date.

Full Internet Access allows you to:

  • Transfer funds between your CDF accounts
  • Transfer funds from your CDF account to a CDF account in another name
  • Transfer funds to accounts at other financial institutions
  • Download/view transactions & balances
  • Add and alter periodical payments (e.g. regular transfers between your CDF accounts)
  • Display and print year to date interest details
  • Request a cheque to be issued by the CDF
  • Print transactions in a statement format
  • Customise your Login Name, Password and Welcome page details

View Only Internet Access allows you to:

  • View the transactions on your account
  • Display future payments
  • Display year to date interest details
  • Print transactions in a statement format

If you have a password you can LOG ON now.


To register for CDF Online, please download and fill out the relevant forms or phone the CDF on freecall 1800 810 330.


Before registering for CDF Online, you should familiarise yourself with the CDF Online Terms & Conditions. You can also view the CDF Online User Guide.


Telephone Access

When you open an account you can nominate a password that will allow you to transact on your account over the phone. Once a password is attached to your account you may do any of the following:

  • request that funds be transferred from your CDF account to another CDF account or an account at your nominated financial institution;
  • request a cheque be issued from your CDF account and mailed to your home or to the payee's address directly;
  • request a transaction statement on your account be printed and mailed to you; and
  • change any of the personal details on your account, e.g your address.

For more information about passwords please phone the Fund on freecall 1800 810 330.