Account Types

The CDF offers the following accounts to individuals and families.


Term Investments

The CDF always offers competitive rates of interest on term investments so why not call our freecall number 1800 810 330 to see for yourself.


Whether you have a large or small investment, you have the flexibility to choose a term between 3 and 12 months - whatever suits you best. The minimum investment is only $200. We also offer a monthly interest term investment with a minimum balance of $5000. Interest may be sent to you by cheque, credited to your CDF savings account or credited electronically to an account at your financial institution. Fixed term investment interest can also be compounded at maturity.


CDF Term Investment members can have View Only CDF Online access on their account. Learn more about accessing CDF Online.



Premium Saver Account

A cash management style account with full CDF Online access. The Premium Saver offers a competitive rate of interest and absolutely no fees or charges. If you are interested in achieving a goal then the Premium Saver can help you get there fast. Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly to help your savings grow even more quickly. Over the counter deposits must be a minimum of $100 and to help you stick to your savings plan the Fund only allows six withdrawals per year (unless you conduct your account via CDF Online). Saving is made easy with the CDF helping you to set up regular credits through electronic transfers, salary deductions or direct debits. To get your savings started, phone us on freecall 1800 810 330.


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CDF Premium Saver members can have full CDF online access on their account. Learn more about accessing CDF Online.



Christmas Club Account

Save for the most expensive time of the year and make it a Christmas to remember. Not only does the Christmas Club account have a competitive rate of interest but it also has the added benefit of your funds only being available during November, December and January, meaning you won't be tempted to spend your savings throughout the year. Direct debits and salary deduction facilities make saving easy. A telephone password system means accessing your funds couldn't be simpler and you may choose to have your savings transferred electronically or mailed to you by cheque. Your account is never closed - after you use your savings from one year, your Christmas Club keeps working for the year after.


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Withdrawals can only be made between November and January.



Pensioner Club Account

If you receive a Centrelink or Veterans Affairs pension, you can open a CDF Pensioner Club Account. It is an at-call savings/transactional style account that offers a variable interest rate. If you wish, you can have a transaction card to help you keep track of your savings and interest is calculated daily and paid half yearly on 30th June and 31st December. Pensions can be deposited directly into your Pensioner Club Account - simply phone the Fund for the correct account details you will need to give Centrelink or Veterans Affairs in order for this to happen. You can make deposits and withdrawals on your Pensioner Club account at our head office (841 Hunter Street, Newcastle West).


We can also arrange for a password to be attached to your account and you can do transactions over the phone with a staff member.


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CDF Pensioner Club members can have full CDF online access on their account. Learn more about accessing CDF Online.



Student Account

Opening a CDF Student Account gives students a headstart in life. This account helps children learn the value of money and develop a regular savings habit. Student Accounts are opened through Catholic primary schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. Contributions and withdrawals can also be made at any CDF agent or arrange with the CDF for a regular payment to credit the account. 


To open an account or for information about participating schools phone freecall 1800 810 330.


Student Account members can have full CDF online access on their account. Learn more about accessing CDF Online.



Savings Account

An everyday transactional account that can be operated with a transaction book. Savings accounts can be opened and operated through the CDF agency network or at our head office. With a savings account you have access to all our normal facilities that make deposits and withdrawals easy - telephone access, free cheques, salary deductions, electronic funds transfers and direct debits.


Phone the Fund on freecall 1800 810 330 to find out how to open a CDF savings account.


CDF Savings account members have Full Internet Access on their account. Learn more about accessing CDF Online.



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