Cheque Accounts

CDF cheque accounts are only available to Catholic Religious Groups or any sub-entity of that group.


The CDF uses the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) to manage our cheque accounts. You can deposit at any branch of the CBA but must contact the CDF if you need information or assistance.


Earn an attractive at-call interest rate, calculated on the daily balance and credited twice a year on 30th June and 31st December. There are no account keeping fees, but fees charged to us by the CBA such as for dishonoured cheques and stop payment requests do apply. When you open a cheque account you will receive a cheque book and CBA deposit book linked directly to your account. Authorised cheque authority forms must be completed and all persons signing on a CDF cheque account must be properly identified. You will receive a monthly statement from the CDF or you can establish internet access on your cheque account for reconciliation purposes.


If you wish to open a cheque account please contact the Fund on 
freecall 1800 810 330. We would be happy to come and talk to you about your CDF accounts and any cheque account questions you may have.


Fixed Term & Monthly Interest Term Investments

  • Fixed terms from 3 to 12 months
  • Competitive rates of interest
  • Minimum investment only $200 for fixed terms and $5000 for monthly interest

View for more information on account types.


Savings Account

  • A special purpose style account
  • Funds available at-call, earning a competitive rate of interest
  • Interest calculated daily and paid twice yearly

    Account Benefits

    • An account with the CDF is aiding the mission of our diocese - it is an ethical investment.
    • The CDF pays a competitive rate of interest.
    • There are absolutely no fees or charges.
    • The Catholic Development Fund has been established for over 50 years and all funds are guaranteed by the total assets of the diocese.
    • Friendly, personal service.
    • Free direct debits, electronic transfers, cheques, phone and internet access.
    • Interest is calculated on the daily balance on all CDF accounts.

CDF Accountsandbenefits 


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