About the CDF

The Catholic Development Fund has been operational in the diocese of Maitland-Newcastle for over 50 years.


The CDF provides a treasury function for the diocese - assisting with the management of diocesan finances (parishes, schools etc) and also offering members a range of investment and savings products. The Fund's main aim is to help the Church achieve its pastoral mission. Members' funds are used to enable diocesan and parish projects to be completed at low costs – in other words our parishes, schools and diocesan groups do not have to borrow money commercially.


More importantly, however, the CDF's surplus is used to help the diocese – an investment with the Fund, therefore, can indeed be seen as an ethical one. The security of your investment is our highest priority – all funds being guaranteed by the trustees and the total assets of the diocese.


The CDF offers members an attractive range of competitive investment and savings products, as well as an opportunity to support the pastoral, educational and care services of the diocese.


Anyone can have an account at the CDF. The CDF offers a small, but attractive range of products to members. We endeavour to appeal to as wide a cross section of the Catholic community as possible, so they have the opportunity to share our mission. Read more about the products offered to individuals and families.


Mission Statement

The Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Development Fund (CDF) exists to provide prudent financial management and to further the pastoral mission of the Catholic Church in the diocese.


By harnessing the financial resources of the Catholic Community we are able to provide cost-effective financial arrangements for capital works and other essential pastoral programs.